Canine Candy Biscuits

Brewers Spent Grains come from the brewing process. It is the malt after the mashing process. The mashing process steeps the grains in hot water to hydrate the barley to activate the malt enzymes. This converts the hard to digest starches into ferment-able sugars for the next step in the brew process. These grains are then discarded and usually sent to farms for livestock feed. Instead, I use local brewery grains to make delicious biscuits for your pup at home.

The benefits are amazing and they seem to never end! Spent Grain is a fantastic source of protein and fiber aiding in digestion while also providing the essential amino acids required for healthy muscle growth and repair. This also boosts energy levels for a more happy and active dog. The phenolic compounds are shown to possess anti-oxidants, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory activities. Instead of using enriched white flour (which is found in many treats now a days), Canine Candy Biscuits uses Organic Coconut Flour instead. Yea, Coconut! While coconut flour is another great fiber source and has many positives when it comes to digestion, it is also loaded with healthy fats. Aiding in metabolism, these healthy fatty acids also destroy bacteria that causes stomach ulcers, dental cavities and cause urinary tract infections. Can it get much better? These little biscuits are literally power bars for your pup!