Rowdy Poppy Flower Farm

Rowdy Poppy was launched in 2018 and is the soul-child of grower and designer Kim Zimmerman.  It is both a floral design house as well as an urban micro farm. 

Kim’s original college education focused on studio art and psychology and she later earned a master’s degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy. Over the years her career path led farther and farther from her roots, however, and left her feeling disconnected from living a purposeful life.

With some solid therapy, incredible friends, and encouragement by way of Brené Brown and Jen Sincero, she decided it was time to reconnect with her passions. Thus Rowdy Poppy was born. This is Kim’s way of diving back into design, swirling in her love of plant cultivation, and leading a sustainable and eco-friendly path for the future of floristry.

The mission of Rowdy Poppy is to provide unique, sustainable floral design that reminds us of our connection to the earth around us and Kim takes this very seriously. Do you actually notice the cycles of the plants on your street? Are you in awe of the seed heads that blow in our Colorado wind? Do you spend time contemplating the flowing lines of “weeds” in sidewalk cracks? Kim sees the inherent beauty in these and tries to share it with her clients by bringing in unexpected materials, seasonal elements, and as much local flora as possible.