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For all your purchases, whether you’re a Friend or not, you’ll receive MelonMoney, which serves as a credit to your account that you can apply to future orders. You’ll be able to see your MelonMoney balance on your account page when you login and will earn more MelonMoney with every purchase.

How is MelonMoney awarded?

Everyone earns MelonMoney on all purchases. Nonmembers will earn 1% MelonMoney on every purchase and Family earn 3%. You'll even earn MelonMoney on items that are on sale!MelonMoney is accrued and calculated based on the final order cost. The amount may change slightly depending on substitutions or weight changes.

How do I redeem my MelonMoney?

At checkout, you'll see a sliding bar to Redeem MelonMoney. If you'd like to redeem your MelonMoney, check that form. You're able to redeem all or a portion of your accrued MelonMoney.

Does MelonMoney expire?

No, you can keep your MelonMoney for as long as you'd like.

Where can I see how much MelonMoney I have?

You can check your balance on the main Account screen.

Will MelonMoney decrease if I use a promo code?

The amount of MelonMoney accrued is based on the total order amount, so if you use a discount code, your MelonMoney will reflect that.

Is there a minimum amount of MelonMoney to redeem?

No, you can use any amount of MelonMoney in your account.

What do I do if my MelonMoney is calculated incorrectly?

If you think there might be an error in your MelonMoney calculation, please email to reach our Customer Experience team who can help.